At Morning Star Church, we know that we can’t be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.  We know that growing in relationship with Jesus requires more than the typical things Christians do (e.g. attend church services, pray, study the Bible, volunteer, financially give to the work of the church, and invite others to know God’s love).  We know that if we are truly going to love God well and love others well, we must courageously open up the below-the-surface (inner) aspects of our lives to God’s transforming power. 
Each year, we offer the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Course in two parts:
Part I: The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course (EHS) where we learn to love God well
Part II: The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course (EHR) where we learn skills that help us love others well.

Learn to love God well

Want to know your level of emotional and spiritual maturity?  Grab a cup of coffee, and spend 15 minutes or so on this confidential personal assessment.
Please contact Rebecca Shoemaker, our point leader for Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, with any questions or special concerns you may have.  She is happy to assist you!