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Saturdays, 4:30 p.m. | Sundays, 9:15 & 11:15 a.m.




Starting Point

Begin. Open Mike Night followed by Connect Classes are our first steps at Morning Star Church. These informal events provide you with the opportunity to hear our story, meet some of our staff, connect with others and also to learn more about what it means to BE the Church.

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Belong. signifies the importance of relationships in our journey toward Christlikeness. It is when we are in loving relationships of people who can tell us when we are wrong or to encourage us toward love and good deeds that we grow best.

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Become. means that we are shaping our understanding of the world, God, and our relationship to God through His eyes. We are re-shaping our values, ideas, and images of God according to the bible.

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Serving Others

Bless. reminds us that as followers of Jesus, we are participating in a story that is bigger than ourselves. We are a sign of what life will look like when God’s reign is “on Earth as it is in heaven.” We love God and others. We serve our neighbors, care for the underserved and protect the vulnerable.

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A community of imperfect people …

Coming Up … 

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Christmas Eve Services

Dec. 23 & Dec. 24 - Our five identical 75-minute services contain music, stories, caroling and lots of exciting things for the whole family to enjoy!

New Year Yoga

Jan. 17 - Morning Star Church offers a variety of yoga classes ... one of them is sure to fit your needs. All 75-minute classes led by Certified Yoga Instructor Dede Schreiner are designed for ages 15 and older and end with a time of peaceful rest and relaxation. Learn how to experience God’s peace through movement, breath and stillness.


connecting other imperfect people …



This Weekend

Disturbing The Peace (Part 5) “Game of Thrones”
Saturdays,  4:30 p.m. | Sundays, 9:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.

Early in Jesus’ life we read in the Bible of a mass genocide. King Herod orders every male child under two to be killed, because He knows of the birth of Jesus and has an inkling of the coming Kingdom of God through Him. Herod’s action is a last ditch effort to place his throne above God’s.

Although it’s probably not genocide, we aren’t too different from Herod. We have the choice to decide which throne we will kneel before – Christ’s or our own. And the throne toward which we are kneeling is obvious – because the throne we worship sets the tone for our whole lives. Join us this weekend as we wrap up our Disturbing Peace message series by exploring this biblical “Game of Thrones.”

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to the perfect love of God.

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Disturbing the Peace | Week 3

Watch Pastor Mike Schreiner as he teaches part 3 of "Disturbing the Peace" message series at Morning Star Church located near O'Fallon and Dardenne Prairie.


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Scoop | 12-13-14

Watch The Scoop for church announcements about what's on our calendar here at Morning Star Church, located near O'Fallon and Dardenne Prairie.


Pastor Mike’s Video Blog

Meditation for Peace

Check out this week's video blog by Pastor Mike Schreiner of Morning Star Church, located near O'Fallon and Dardenne Prairie, on “Meditation for Peace”.



Why People Don’t Go to Church

What are your reasons for not coming to church?

Watch as common objections are answered by real people who love the church.

Then, join us for one of our three weekend services, where it’s okay to not be okay … really.


Service Times

Common objections answered by real people who love the church.




Top 5 Needs This Weekend

Hospitality and Children’s Ministry are our two biggest needs every weekend. To help serve this coming weekend, please click below to submit your request by noon on Thursday.



Share Your Story

Give the Gift of Going Second

At Morning Star, we never tire of hearing how God is working in our lives!

If you have encouragement or a story of life change you would like to send us, or if you would like to share with us your testimony or why you Love Morning Star, please send us an email and share what God has done in your life.


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The New Online Community

MSC Wired Community will help you communicate, connect and engage in a variety of ways with others at Morning Star. You can interact with your small group and volunteer teams, find and register for classes, discover other groups and get involved, learn about Morning Star events, setup and manage your online giving and more!