We desire to bless local families with two gifts that have a far-reaching impact
The gift of dignity and the gift of empowerment. One way we do this is through The Christmas Shoppe. 
Our Shoppe provides parents the opportunity to personally choose and purchase gifts for their children at significantly reduced prices.
**We are no longer taking applications for the 2023 season.**


Christmas Shoppe FAQs

How are families chosen to participate?
Our New Hope Resource Center works with families throughout the year and invites those who are most in need. Through our partnership with the Wentzville School District, school counselors in specific schools invite families they identify as eligible for holiday assistance. Families in the community who request assistance are directed to the New Hope Resource Center and are placed on a waiting list.

How are the toys purchased?
Through the generous donations of Morning Star Church during our Christmas in July initiative, we raise the funds needed to support The Christmas Shoppe. Dedicated and masterful volunteer leaders are tasked with scouring ads and keeping up to date with the most wanted toys throughout the year and purchase on sale and in bulk.

Why are there so many toys left over?
Our goal is to have enough inventory that the shoppers at the end of the day have the same opportunity of choices as earlier shoppers. We use this inventory as a starter for next year.
Why don’t volunteers get t-shirts or different name tags?
By not identifying someone as a shopping family or a volunteer, it gives us the opportunity to simply see one another as neighbors – no labels, no categories. Also, many of our shoppers are also volunteers. Changing t-shirts or nametags sure would be a hassle.

Why aren’t there more shoppers at a time?
All families are scheduled according to the number of children that can be supervised in keeping with the ratios of our Safe Sanctuaries policy. Larger families will take up more space in the Kids’ Shoppe than their parents do in the Shoppe.

I’m a personal shopper and I really want to help my family get an extra gift. Can I pay for them?
Part of giving dignity and empowerment is letting families provide for themselves. Gifts are nice, but we are also intentional about limits on gifts because we know that Christmas can quickly slip into materialism. Relationship is the gift we wish to give. You are welcome to grow a mutually benefiting relationship with your family beyond The Christmas Shoppe.

Where does the money that families pay go?
Right back into helping families! All proceeds are donated to the New Hope Resource Center, allowing families to give back and pay it forward.